Congratulations on becoming a Course Rep!🎉

Have you Registered?

Once your details are registered with BCUSU you will receive a welcome with information about your compulsory training, and your handbook. If you have not received this information or have been asked to sign up by a member of staff, then please register here: Course Rep Registration or contact, if you can't access the form.

Please join the Course Rep MS Teams and find the Course rep training in the Rep Training channel.

Once you have completed your compulsory training you will have a better idea of how to make change within the University and how to consult students on your programme. There will be training and development opportunities throughout the year so keep an eye out for them.


You will be provided with support, training and guidance from your Students' Union.

  • Student Voice Team

    Your first port of call should be emailing, but you can also get in touch with the following staff members in the Student Voice Team.

    Sophie Reynolds - Student Voice Coordinator (Representation) Tel: 0121 331 7777

  • Vice President Student Voice

    Your Executive Officer is also available to support you in your role. BCUSU is run by a team of Executive Officers who have been elected by Birmingham City University students to represent them. These officers sit on senior University Committees and are therefore in the perfect position to take up any issues you are having; please email your Student Voice Officer at

  • Vice President Academic Experience

    If there an issue with your course or your learning experience where you really want to see change at the uni please email your Academic Experience Officer at

  • School Reps

    It is important that you contact your School Reps and let them know who you are. They can provide support and guidance to you, in your role. They are there to represent all students in your school, so it is critical for them to hear from you.

  • Advice Team

    As a Course Rep, you may have students approach you with issues that are not related to their academic study. If this is the case, please signpost them to our Advice Team who has a team of full-time advisors who can provide information, advice, advocacy and representation on a wide range of issues.

You will be provided with support and guidance within BCU too.

  • Students on your programme

    It is important that you raise your presence within your programme and let fellow students know why they should contact you. This will help make your role easier and make suggestions faster.

  • Programme leader

    Your course leader should be able to help if you have any questions about your programme or your Student Feedback Forum.