Society Funding Request

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Societies Fund Application

This form should be submitted by the Treasurer of your society. If your society does not currently have a Treasurer, then this should be submitted by the President instead.

To apply for additional funding all required paperwork and training for your society must have been completed. Please give us as much detail as possible, including links to product(s) and any quotations you have received. 

Our funding pots are limited but we will provide societies with additional funding where possible. Please also be aware that requests submitted on this form go to a panel for a decision and, as such, responses won't be immediate.


Contact Details

Your full name:

Your student ID number:

Your society email address:

Your telephone number:

Which society are you submitting this request for?

Your committee position:

Funding Details

How much additional funding are you requesting?

What will this funding be used for?

How will this benefit your members?

Your funding request will be reviewed at the next funding panel meeting. Please note it can take up to 2 weeks to receive an answer to your request.

If we need to contact you regarding your request, we will email you using your society email address. Please ensure you check this regularly.


By ticking the box below, you agree that you have done the following:

  • Completed the form above fully and accurately.
  • Spoken to your committee about this funding request and have their support.
  • Your society is up-to-date with all paperwork and every committee member has completed their online training.

I agree that the above statements are correct.