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Board Games

Monday 26 September 2022 11am - 3pm Curzon Building (C190)
bananagrams and concept board games
Come and play board games in the Curzon Building
  • Classic Board Games 

  • The Logo Board Game    2-6 players (or teams)
    Players travel round the board based on correctly answered questions, until they reach the winning zone in the center. The questions are based on logos, products and packaging of well-known brands. Tap into the knowledge you've piled up over the years and discover astonishing facts and surprises that will entertain everyone!

  • Bananagrams    2-8 players
    Bananagrams is an anagram puzzle built for speed — think of Scrabble with no board or complicated scoring. SPLIT!

  • Concept   4-12 players (in two teams)
    Imagine you’re playing Charades, but instead of using the medium of mime you now have a board covered in very generic pictures and symbols. You and your opponents use the icons on the game board to convey words or phrases to each other without using sound or speech.

  • Quoridor 2-4 players
    Quoridor is a must among strategy games. Its rules are amazingly simple: just make it through the labyrinths your opponent creates to get to the other side. This game requires strategy and quick thinking for two players and offers a load of fun for four..

  • and more... !

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