VP Student Voice

Jay Dave
Jay Dave

Jay's 3 Key Objectives

  • As a VOICE of the students, I will make sure their concerns are heard effectively in an appropriate and unbiased way between the university and students.

  • To ensure the quality of two-way communication is increased and well maintained for future use by encouraging students, who are both inclusive and compassionate.

  • The beneficial policies university has developed, should be aided to the students, with the help of School Reps through their respective Course Reps.

My name is Jay Dave, a Year 3 Undergraduate student studying Mechanical Engineering, having an amazing experience of studying in a well-established Engineering campus.

I have practice of working with the Students’ Union since my first semester, participated in various events organised by the societies enthusiastically and lead some of the societies as a President. During my tenure of representing BCUIC as a Student Rep and CEBE as a School Rep.

I have discovered a lot about the feedback system in the student voice. I have worked closely with relevant BCUSU staff and the University to improve local issues and tried to report and resolve the issues in stipulated time. Interned, it helped me being recruited as a Student Voice Assistant.

Students' Union has always been beneficial to me. From campaigning for other candidates in my first two years to running for elections, last year I stood with a runner up position.

I have a vast network of friends from different campuses of BCU and have eye on every other problem student face in their respective faculty. This year, I am sure that with the support of students I have helped and supported will make it possible for me to lead as a VP Student Voice.

Many students still don’t know about the amazing opportunities. Student voice is what we call a collective opinion, it could be your course experience, campus safety or anything else in the university.

Considering student feedback is central to all work, if I would be selected as VP Student Voice - my goal is to ensure increasing involvement of students with the SU and make their university life the best possible, respecting the democracy and the bylaws.

Helping students for using facilities of ideas board across all the campuses with their respected school/course reps to communicate with students and collecting as much feedback as possible. I would make sure every student is engaging in student voice activity across the University, and to ensure their voice is heard and be benefited by the Students' Union. Your valuable Vote Could Bring a Change... Vote for Jay Dave